Why Physical Limits Sometime Result in Extraordinary Achievements

Having physical limits can sometimes be just that: limiting. However, getting stuck in the rut of limitation never leads to any new ground being explored— and truly, it’s not until a person stops focusing on what they can’t do that they learn what they can do. This article is all about extraordinary people who adapted to physical disabilities or limitations and unlocked skills and talents that propelled them to the heights of achievement.

Blind Musicians Reach Across Generations With Their Music

Just the idea of someone losing their sense of sight is enough to frighten most people; after all, living in this world can be tough enough even when you can see. However, there have been several musicians who chose to focus on what they had a fine-tuned sense of hearing— as opposed to dwelling on what they’d lost. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are probably the two most famous blind musicians, but there have been many other notables as well, like Ronnie Milsap, Jose Feliciano, Jeff Healey, and Art Tatum. Listening to Wonder’s “Talking Book” is enough to make you realize that beautiful soundscapes can be created just fine with four senses.

Jason Lester: A Brutal Accident Leads to an Unstoppable Drive

Long-distance running is physically demanding and requires an iron will. So it’s not surprising that since Jason Lester survived an unspeakably brutal accident as a child, he would consider running to be a walk (or jog) in the park. At the age of 13, Lester was sit by a car while riding on his bicycle, resulting in 20 broken bones and him losing the ability to use his right arm. Even more amazing, he lost his only parent while recovering, leaving him physically and emotionally devastated. However, he recovered and became the first disabled athlete to finish the Ultraman World Championships, earning him fame and a Nike endorsement. He continues to compete, and has finished over 70 marathons and ultra-marathons.
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