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Your Large Corporation Is
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Jessica works with the workforces of large corporations in the United States and globally. Her client companies tend to have revenues in the billions, and employees in the 10s of thousands. Their offices are scattered worldwide, with multiple facilities in different countries.

She may be working with specific functions of your company or company-wide functions. Audiences range from 2,000 to 10,000 in size. Jessica’s work is problem-specific, rather than industry-specific; she works with a broad range of industries.


Jessica’s Work Addresses Specific Workplace Issues

And Is Designed To Build Workforce Cohesion and Effectiveness


When you’re thinking of hiring a motivational corporate speaker, consultant, and trainer, you want to understand their specialties. You’ve landed on this site, looking to solve specific workforce issues. You want to know that you’ve found the provider who can change certain types of dynamics in the organization. These are the kinds of workplace issues we specialize in.

Your corporate entity is experiencing change that is stirring negative internal currents.
Perhaps your company is in the turmoil of a merger—first, or one of a series. The integration of workforces isn’t going smoothly. Potential downsizing injects anxiety and fear into your employees. Uncountable internal stresses—some not even directly observable—rip at staff cohesiveness. The workforce is feeling unrest, and you need a way to combat that downward pressure.

Your corporate workforce is demoralized for a variety of reasons.
You see various feeling states as you wander the hallways at work. From disheartened to shell-shocked, you feel an “in the trenches” mentality setting in. Those feeling states lead to behaviors that impact the company: lack of courage, less determination, low commitment, made-up excuses, not much stick-to-it behavior, and employees getting stumped by the smallest obstacles.

“Bunker mentality” is causing a lack of commonality and empathy for co-workers.
Employees become robotic, keeping their heads down in survival mode. Autopilot behavior takes over, as fear of job loss drives behavior. Feeling and working as a team gets lost in self-concern. Cover-your-own-backside mentality leads to the protection of fiefdoms, silo separation, and aversion to risking contribution and creativity.

Employees don’t appreciate and leverage their hidden assets, showing up as a lack of commitment.
Humans have all kinds of assets that go underground during stress. These assets are clustered around a conviction that you have “that” ability to figure out problems. When you don’t believe you can handle what’s coming your way, you go lukewarm—and the corporation gets half-committed employees.

Your company is fully committed to diversity, but struggling with aspects of implementing it.
You want to empower diversity, but the 1-2-3 steps aren’t obvious. It’s not easy to admit what you don’t know about inclusiveness. It seems it should be easier than it is, but, honestly, sometimes it feels like tiptoeing across a minefield.


The Next Thing You Want To Know Is
The Solutions Jessica Can Provide

Jessica and Her Team Must Be Producing The Results You Want


There are plenty of providers, and a deciding factor for you can be the promised results. Jessica and her associate speakers and life coaches have been doing this for a while (more than 50 years collectively), and these are the kinds of results clients describe that they’ve gotten.

Change is no longer roiling your employees—now, it’s merely a shared corporate experience.
Merger “growing pains” aren’t stressing the workforce. Anxiety and fear have damped down, and downsizing is no longer on the radar. Internal stressors are under control, and a new cohesiveness is settling in. Without all the internal unrest, you’re noticing uplifted attitudes.

A newly energized spirit replaces demoralization.
As you assess emotional states, you have a whole new experience. Employees show determination and commitment to objectives. You can feel the change in the air. A new sense of courage, along with a “no excuses” approach, uplifts individuals and shows up in group meetings. When you observe the difference, you’re excited with appreciation and gratitude.

A new sense of commonality and empathy for co-workers drives teamwork.
Employees are purposely connecting and caring about the whole working unit. Defensiveness, fiefdoms, and silos have given way to collaboration. The old survival mode is gone, and that energy is spent on creativity and forward motion for the organization. You see both bolder behavior to achieve objectives and a new cohesiveness

Employees develop new commitment—driven by appreciating and leveraging their hidden assets.
You can see it for yourself. There’s a conviction that you/we now can figure out problems. With that new conviction, issues no longer seem impossible. When you believe you can handle what’s coming your way, a new fire lights in the workforce. Being fully-committed and excited at the challenges replaces lukewarm half-hearted behaviors.

The 1-2-3 steps of diversity are obvious now, and your company is newly empowered for inclusion.
The struggle is gone, and there is a new understanding and support in the workforce. Somehow it just makes sense in a way it didn’t previously. It feels like the team is onboard instead of resistant. It’s almost magical.


Where To Next?

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