Tis the Season for Stress-Free Holidays!

The holidays can mean lots of fun, but they can also mean lots of stress, especially if you’ve got lots of family members coming to visit. Unfortunately, preparations for the holidays can result in people putting way too much pressure and stress on themselves in an effort to make things absolutely perfect. Of course, nothing is ever perfect (except on TV) so the end result of this holiday pressure ends up not being worth it. This article will help you keep your eyes on what’s really important come Christmastime.

The Holidays Can Wreck Your Relationships (If You’re Not Careful)

Sadly, January is the number one month for divorce filings, typically as a result of holiday stress and fighting. Try to avoid this by staying positive and working together as a team to try and make the best Christmas possible. Focusing on the joy of being together as a family and engaging in fun holiday activities will help get people’s minds off of things that don’t really matter, and prevent the fighting that can sink relationships.

It’s About the Love: Not the Stuff

The holidays are not about presents. There, I said it. Unfortunately, holiday commercialism has led people to believe differently. Having the proper mindset about what the holidays are actually about will encourage others to share that same mindset. Try your best not to dwell on what you have or don’t have. Drawing names is a practical way for families to reduce the number of presents that are exchanged, and for bigger families, it can really help out financially too.

Just Say No to Family Drama

There’s nothing worse than having family members who don’t get along with each other, especially when they are staying in your house. You may find yourself asking, “how do I keep them from fighting this year?” This, of course, can also be a major cause of worry and stress. Unfortunately, sometimes somebody has to be the person who keeps things civil. If that person is going to be you, you’re going to need to be adept at changing the subject when things start veering into inappropriate or hostile conversational territory. This could run the gamut from “accidentally” dropping something (to get people’s attention onto you and off the person being a jerk) or suggesting a movie for everyone to (quietly) watch together.

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