Tips For Getting Organized (And Staying That Way)

Are you ready to start getting organized, or at least ready to stop being frustrated by your lack of organization? Whether it’s at work or at home, being organized is one of the most valuable habits a person can develop. But if you’re staring at tons of boxes and piles of papers, it can be challenging to know exactly where to start.

Start By Cleaning Up

Are you plagued by clutter? Chances are, a lot of it is trash or recyclable. Your first step should be doing a thorough clean-up of your space. Don’t save things unless they’re absolutely necessary: do you really need to save that old magazine? Probably not.

Practice “Mise En Place”

“Mise En Place” means “everything in its place” in French and is an important phrase to any serious chef. There are no good chefs who are also disorganized, and a big part of their ability to create meals quickly and efficiently is their ability to keep their workspaces organized. Everything has a “home”, and if you want to get organized, you need to start thinking about where those homes are. In addition, practice putting things away immediately after you’re done using them. This will only work if you’re actively training yourself, so stay aware!

Simplify Your Life

Having too much stuff or too much stuff to do can take all the fun out of life, and make you feel like you’re dragging a heavyweight that prevents you from being spontaneous. Don’t cut out friends and family, but maybe start thinking of ways that you can own a little less and do a little less. Here’s a simpler way to simplify your life a bit: are you bombarded with emails from companies you don’t care about? Take the moment to unsubscribe!

Create Schedules and Stick To Them

Well-disciplined and organized people are big fans of schedules. Buy a big calendar, hang it in your hallway, and schedule everything that you’re not currently doing on a regular basis, from calling your mom to taking out the trash. This concept isn’t meant to take the spontaneity out of life, it’s simply meant to give you a tool to keep it all organized and efficient!

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