Three Original and Fulfilling Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is understandably one of the most active times of year when it comes to volunteering and giving back. For this reason, it can be surprisingly hard to find available volunteering opportunities on short notice. If you’re a member of a church family, finding ways to give back during the holidays can be pretty easy. But if you’re wanting to give back and are looking for a change of pace, this article is for you.

Donate Warm Winter Clothing

For most people, spring is the season when people turn a critical eye toward their wardrobe. However, the holiday season is a perfect time to donate your gently-used warm clothing to Goodwill or a donation bin. There’s nothing worse than needing a coat and not having one, so anything you’re able to donate will be greatly appreciated. Don’t stop at clothing either; furniture, food, and unused vehicles are also in high demand.

Donate Blood

Blood is always in high demand, but understandably people usually wait until there’s a natural disaster or other tragedy to donate. The holiday season is just as good a time as any to give blood, and since we’re facing a major blood shortage most times of the year, your donation will certainly touch or even save a life. If you’re a first-timer who’s never done it before, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a surprisingly easy and pleasant experience. You only feel a little pinch, and that pinch can do a lot of good: so give it a shot!

Adopt a Family

Some families can’t afford to give their children a joyous Christmas, but luckily there are programs that can allow you to buy presents for families in need. Finding a family to adopt is as easy as searching Google for adopt a family programs in your area. One fun tip: take your kids along to the store so they can pick out presents for the kids! This is a great way to get your children into the spirit of giving.

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