Three Indispensable Stress Control Tips for Parents

Being a parent is an incredibly rewarding experience, but even the best parent would be lying if they said their parents didn’t stress them out from time to time! Stress isn’t just a major inconvenience, it can be a major detriment to your physical and mental health. However, I’m here to help with three indispensable tips that you can use to turn down the heat on a stressful parenting situation!

Start Preparing For Stressors

Mornings are almost always difficult for parents: you’ve got to wake the kids up, get them dressed, feed them breakfast, and drive them to school or daycare, all while getting ready yourself! And naturally, there always seems to be some mishap that throws a wrench in the whole process. If mornings are tough, try waking up 15 minutes early or setting out the kids’ clothes the night before to simplify things in the heat of a stressful morning!

Don’t Forget to Breathe

When we are stressed, it’s common for our bodies to not receive enough oxygen. Not receiving enough oxygen leads to increased stress, which leads to a lack of oxygen…you see my point. Taking a moment to breath deeply can break this stressful cycle and reduce your heart rate, which can lead to a more peaceful, calm feeling that you can leverage to manage a difficult situation.

Make Time for Yourself

When you don’t have a single moment to yourself, the stressors of parenting can pile up even faster. You might not be able to go on a Caribbean vacation by yourself when you’ve got kids to look after, but you can always steal 15 or 30 minutes at night or in the morning to meditate, drink a cup of tea, or indulge in your favorite stress-reducing activity! Never forget to take time for yourself.

My name is Jessica Cox, and I’ve learned to overcome life’s stressful situations by staying positive and learning how to adapt to any difficulty. If you’re interested in having me share my story at your convention, meeting, or faith-based gathering, call me at 520-505-1359 or contact me on my website.