Three Fun and Cheap Summer Activities For Kids

Summer’s almost here, which means the kids will be home from school and looking for things to do. Obviously, this situation could go one of two ways: the kids could bounce off the walls and drive you crazy, or you could have some fun and free activities ready for them so they stay focused and allow you some time to relax. I like the second option a lot better, so here are three fun and cheap summer activities that your kids will love.

Water Balloons: Endlessly Entertaining

Water balloons are cheap, and there’s so much your kids can do with them other than simply throwing them at each other! For example, have you ever made water balloon pinatas? How about a water balloon toss game? If your kids are older, you can even make a water balloon dart game out of an old cork bulletin board. Just make sure that you have your kids clean up the broken water balloons after they’re done playing, as the broken balloons are a choking hazard for kids and pets alike.

Play an Outdoor Sport

If your kids are really little, they’ll probably get their first exposure to sports through you. So there’s no reason not to introduce them to fun outdoor sports this summer. Soccer is a great idea, as it requires very little equipment and is easy for even little kids to play. You can also think unconventional: how about frisbee golf or even croquet?

Create an Obstacle Course

Kids love exploring, and they love showing off their abilities. What better way to do that than by helping them build an outdoor obstacle course? You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go all-out to accomplish this. If you have a sprinkler, hula hoop, and a milk crate, you can create an obstacle course. For added fun, time them so they can have a personal best to compete against.

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