Three Easy Ways To Be a More Compassionate Person

Compassion is a life-changing thing, and there’s never as much of it in the world as there should be! We’re all busy people, and it’s easy for us to see someone in need and think “someone else will help them” and go on about our business. However, it’s pretty obvious why that just doesn’t work: if everyone thought that way, there’d be no “someone else” to help. Life is hard for all of us, and without compassion, it’s even harder. This article is going to give you some practical advice that can help you become a more compassionate person right away.

Learn To Really Listen To Others

Being a good listener is so important, and the best thing about being a good listener is that it costs you nothing and benefits you and others in innumerable ways. When you really listen to others, you’re more likely to find yourself in a position to help them somehow. Social media and other modern technologies are useful sometimes, but the flood of information we receive on a daily basis makes it harder for us to really hear others. Try unplugging and really listening when someone is talking to you.

Don’t Fear Attachment

People want to be close to others, it’s in our nature. However, our need to feel attached to others can sometimes inadvertently become fused with fear. This is especially true in cases where people have been abused or neglected, but it’s seen in less extreme cases as well. When a person reaches out to help a person and receives a negative response, that response can in fact “train” their brain to be less open in the future. See this for what it is and never give up on others.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a way of connecting ourselves to the moment-by-moment world around us. Like I mentioned previously, our minds can rule our actions in positive or negative ways, depending on where we direct our focus. When you’re paying close attention to the world around you and really listening to others, you are less likely to let your brain trap you in a less compassionate cycle. “Attention puts things in the spotlight,” so to speak. Try hard to give others adequate time in the spotlight of your attention.

My name is Jessica Cox, and my faith in Christ is what helps me overcome life’s difficulties. I am constantly trying to strengthen my faith, and although my work is never truly done, I’ve learned some things along the way. If you’d like me to share my story with the attendees at your convention or religious gathering and help motivate them to start making positive changes feel free to contact me.