There’s No Place Like Church For the Holidays

Churches tend to see their ranks swell up during the holidays, and for good reason: this time of year tends to make people think about their faith and family a bit more, which leads many back to worship services. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should start attending church services again, let this article be the first to try to convince you to do so! There are so many positive things that come from regular church attendance, and without my faith in God, I don’t know where I’d be.

Discover Fellowship Opportunities

One of the best things about church is the friendships you create and nourish over many years of religious fellowship. Some of the most trustworthy and loyal friends in my life are people I’ve met at church, and not surprisingly, there are lots of good people there. It’s this sense of fellowship that can help carry you through dark times and make the happy times even more meaningful. Through volunteering, activities, and attending church services, you will undoubtedly find lifelong friends and make lasting memories.

Find the Joy You’ve Been Missing

There’s no peace like the peace you gain when you are in the presence of the Lord. We all know that prayer offers very real health and wellness benefits, and it’s true that the very act of putting your faith in the almighty can definitely help take a lot of the stress and strain of life off of your shoulders. Discovering the true meaning of life does so much good for a person, and helps put things in perspective in ways that were previously impossible to imagine. If you’ve been seeking joy and understanding, church is the place to go.

There’s No Better Support System than God’s

I’ve already talked about the incredible fellowship opportunities that a church family can provide, but it’s really true that there’s no better support system than a church family when things go wrong in your life. I’m always inspired by the deep and varied positive actions that churches all around the world carry out for those in need. Also, it’s highly rewarding to become part of this support system, because there’s no better way to find peace than by helping others. That’s what church is all about!

I’m Jessica Cox, and I believe that self-mastery and adaptation is the key to living a fulfilled and healthy life. I was born without arms, but that has not stopped me from constantly seeking to improve myself as a person: and I have found peace and fulfillment in my life. If you’d like me to share my story and formula for a happy life with the attendees at your upcoming meeting, conference, or religious gathering, please contact me.