Stuck Indoors? Here are Some Fun Indoor Family Activities

Although summer is on the way, you might not see anything but grey skies and rain when you look out the window. Instead of giving up and doing anything fun with your family and throwing on a kids’ movie for the 30th time, why not try some fun indoor activities that will not only entertain your family but let you make use of things you’ve already got lying around the house? Here’s three of the best.

Cooking Competitions!

You’d be surprised how capable even small children can be when it comes to cooking. Whether it’s personal pizzas or other kid-friendly dishes like popsicles or cookies, your kids will likely have a blast getting to prepare food with you. Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for, and cooking exercises like this will give them cooking knowledge they can use for the rest of their life. Simply set some ground rules, provide the ingredients and guidance, (make sure they wash their hands,) and watch as your kids amaze you!

Treasure Hunts

Kids love to be given fun projects that allow them to demonstrate their independence and ability to show off the things they know. A treasure hunt is a great way to empower your kids (and get them out of your hair for a little while.) Write down clues on slips of paper and set them to work. This article has 11 tips to make a great treasure hunt in your own home. If you’re really crafty, you can use the treasure hunt model as a way to get them to clean up the house!

Good Old-Fashioned Board Games

The board game is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and well. You just have to dust off that Candy Land box and introduce it to your kids! Since most people over the age of 30 grew up playing board games, it won’t be hard for your enthusiasm to shine through. Board games are much more intellectually stimulating than sitting in front of a TV, and they’re just plain fun to play too. Need some ideas for kid-friendly board games? Check out this article, which gives a list of seven classics.

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