Stay on the Sunny Side: Tips for Being a Happier, More Positive Person

There aren’t many people in the world that like being around negative people, but for some reason you meet negative people every single day. It’s understandable: this world is a tough place to live on and if you don’t have a strategy for staying positive, you can find yourself turning into a gloomy person in an amazingly short period of time. Staying positive isn’t just important when it comes to being liked, it’s an invaluable way to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Here are three ways that you can start being a happier, more positive person today.

Practice Active Gratitude

No matter what difficulties you’re going through in your life, you have things that you can be grateful for. The first step to positivity is to identify these things and start appreciating them. Not only will this improve your attitude, it will definitely improve your relationships: everyone loves to be appreciated so your friends, family, co-workers, and humanity in general will start appreciating you more in return.

Do Something Nice for Someone

One of the easiest and most beneficial thing that you can do to start feeling more positive and connected to the world is to volunteer, or otherwise make a concerted effort to help others. This will boost your feeling of connection with others, which can’t help but make you feel better about life. Being a member of a church family gives you ample opportunities to help others, but if you’re not, start with your interests and look for associated volunteering groups. Love animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter. Like kids? Consider volunteering for an organization that helps foster kids. The opportunities are endless.

Rid Yourself of Negative People and Things

Finally, it’s important to remember that positivity attracts positivity: and negativity attracts the same. If you really want to start living a more positive life, you’ll need to rid yourself of negative people and habits. Smoker? It’s time to quit. Got negative, unhappy friends? Start thinking about hanging out with some more positive people. Although it won’t be easy to do, you will see the difference in your life in no time at all!

My name is Jessica Cox, and one of the things that have helped me flourish without arms is my ability to stay positive. If you’re interested in having me share my tips for positivity and perseverance at your convention, meeting, or faith-based gathering, call me at 520-505-1359 or contact me on my website.