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Possible Thinking

Achieve the Impossible is a message Jessica and her select list of speakers deliver as keynotes, workshops, trainings, and webcasts. Events are dynamic and feature a variety of ways to entertain, inform, educate, and inspire. Jessica and her speakers will work with you to customize both the content and delivery to ensure your goals are met while also keeping within your budget.

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Keynote & Motivational Speeches

Achieve the Impossible is a keynote speech that was born from Jessica’s own adversities. As such, it’s an ideal vehicle for corporations needing to address various polarizing circumstances and achieve whatever now seems impossible. The keynote is fun, lively, entertaining, thought-provoking and deliberately challenges your audience. Entertaining stories of trial and success lead the audience to their own thinking and conclusions. I serve as an inspirational force, instigating them to believe that they can achieve the impossible.

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Adversity is a part of corporate life, just as in life. Growing pains are a part of the corporate experience. It doesn’t have to be painful though. There are tools and methods to help your workforce move beyond the pain. This program has broad application to many different corporate issues. My Adversity Management Program is ideal to strengthen corporate culture when diversity is not being accepted and incorporated to the degree desired or when the sales teams need a boost in drive and creativity. Participants learn and apply the THINK Model while having fun and laughing.

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The best way to reinforce the tenants and values of the THINK Model for employees and managers is with onsite training. Jessica’s diversity and inclusion training will lead your team every step of the way to achieve the impossible with training to meet your needs, grow a diverse team, and elicit the changes that will benefit your company. 

Jessica Cox Diversity Services was created as a new brand under Possible Thinking to help organizations and companies deliver on diversity promises from the board room to the recruitment process.

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A million miles in a single click. Jessica’s on-camera presence can traverse even the most distant fiberoptic cable. Eliminate distance as a barrier—host Jessica or a member of her “Possible Thinker” team today.

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Just as professional athletes seek out more experienced mentors to help them become their very best, your life coach should be able to draw from a well of knowledge to help you overcome adversity, develop courage, and build resilience in the face of challenges. Once on board with Jessica or a member of her team, you will develop a vision for the dreams you want to achieve, your coach will help support your self-discovery and growth, and have a plan of action as you continue forward.

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