Sibling Cooperation, Not Sibling Rivalry: It Actually Is Possible!

Having multiple kids can be a joy, but when you’re in the thick of a heated argument between two or three siblings, it can seem like a nightmare. Sibling Rivalry is a dignified term for a very real and very ugly thing that can not only drive your kids apart but drive you insane. Life is so much more pleasant when everyone gets along, so check out these tips for eliminating sibling rivalry from your vocabulary.

Stay Calm

When tempers flare, the worst imaginable thing that you can do is to set yours on fire as well. I know this can be challenging, but if your kids are engaged in an argument, do your best to calm the situation by not adding anger to it. When they get loud, get quiet, and allow your presence to have a soothing effect rather than an irritating one. In turn, the calmer and more emotionally composed your house is, the less likely you are to see fights break out.

Divide Your Attention Equally

One of the main points of conflict between siblings boils down to gaining the attention of their parents. To prevent fights, try to split your attention equally between your children. This can be especially challenging if you have one child who is especially extroverted, as they may try to dominate your attention and irritate your less extroverted children. Take time out of your schedule to spend uninterrupted time with each child. You could take them out for “parent dates” where you engage with them in their favorite activity.

Reward Cooperative Behavior

Parents spend a lot of their time concentrating on correcting bad behavior, but often forget that reinforcing good behavior is often much more effective. If cooperative behavior is rare, facilitate it by giving your children a shared responsibility or project. If their fighting has been especially intense, a shared consequence could be a good way to teach your kids the importance of togetherness and cooperation.

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