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Motivational Webcasts: Possible Thinking

A million miles in a single click. Jessica’s on-camera presence can traverse even the most distant fiberoptic cable. Eliminate distance as a barrier—host Jessica or a member of her “Possible Thinker” team today.



Jessica’s stories transform adversity into inspiration for her audience. Her attitude, her approach entertains while also nudging people to examine and drop their own self-imposed limitations. Jessica challenges her audiences to make a shift from an inward focus to the big picture of possibility. Her monumental journey of learning to fly crystalizes her ideas of “achieving the impossible.” Inspiration alone—without motivation to action—is a failure. Inspiration must also provoke action. It’s action that transforms your situation.



Many companies have high pressure corporate environments. High pressure tends to create tensions and divisions in the workplace. That friction negatively impacts any possibility of developing the magic of synergy. Jessica’s approach is to encourage appreciation of commonality to create a culture where the workforce becomes a unified whole. That teamwork reset focuses everyone on achieving common goals. It’s a major energetic shift.


“You left us in awe, Jessica!


“It is rare that indelible impressions are left in such a short period of time.”

Diana Han, MD
GE Appliances

“Jessica far exceeded our expectations.”

Michelle Paul
Salt River Project

“It was a speech that I wanted to go on and on.”

Marissa Carvell
Inspire '17 UK

“Amazing. Do everything you can to join one of her audiences as soon as possible.”

Dave Calder

“She is so positive and she holds the audience spellbound with such an incredible story.”

John Donald
The Brandlaureate

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