Living the “Right” life

Jessica Cox posing on airplane

Are you living life on the right foot? I have lived my life through my feet, and I am predominantly right-footed the way other people are right-handed. Have you ever had moments when you felt like life was going right for you? That, for me, is living life on the right foot. 

Too many people wake up in the morning thinking that today will be the same as yesterday, and it becomes tough to get out of bed. Here are some tips that might help you rediscover the passion that has you jumping out of bed: 

Small Steps are not Insignificant 

If you knew that today is different because this is the day you achieve your dreams, wouldn’t you spring out of bed? It is seldom that we reach a milestone goal every day. More often than not, it is hard to see the big picture because we only accomplish a little bit here and there. But as they say, Rome was not built in a day. Knowing that today, you can achieve the next step in a series of small steps that eventually lead to your big goal should get you excited. 

When I was learning to fly, I was very excited on the first day because I knew I was going to be flying. The second day was just as exciting because I knew I was going to do a take-off by myself; it wasn’t the end goal, but it was a step along the way. It took me three years before I earned my pilot license. I felt tired on some of those days, or I didn’t feel like showing up for my lessons, but I kept my mind on my big goal. When I finally flew solo, I knew that every single day mattered. 

Visualize your Dreams to Reality

There is nothing more motivating than picturing yourself already where you want to be. Start your day by visualizing what it will look like when you achieve your dream. If your goal is to lose weight, picture yourself at your ideal weight. What clothes would you be wearing? If you’re building a business, visualize your customers raving about your products. 

In the three years I spent learning how to fly an airplane, I started my day visualizing how it would feel to be flying the plane by myself. I imagined how the wind would feel on my face, the sound of the engine, my mother’s excited voice as I tell her she will be my passenger. When the day finally came, it was even better than I imagined. 

Mistakes are Essential; Failure is Unavoidable 

Don’t let the fear of failure or making a mistake stop you from taking action. Mistakes are a byproduct of trying. Make every blunder an opportunity to learn, and you’ll find yourself smarter with every attempt. Thomas Edison, when asked about the thousands of failures he had when trying to create the lightbulb, said, “I did not fail. I discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” 

History teaches us that the most successful people are those who have failed many times. Everybody fails. What distinguishes successful people from the rest is that they never stop trying. Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, remember that mistakes are a part of success, and failure is just one step on the journey. 

I am Jessica Cox, and I achieved the impossible by becoming the first licensed pilot in history with no arms. I have shared my story around the world as a motivational speaker. Now I share the skills I learned achieving my impossible as a one-on-one personal coach. Take control of your life and your dreams at