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Jessica would not be where she is today if it was not for the tremendous support that gave her the phenomenal foundation for her upbringing. She was fortunate to receive support from organizations locally and internationally. Jessica now gives back with her position as Goodwill Ambassador for Humanity and Inclusion as well as her own nonprofit Rightfooted Foundation International.

Jessica Cox with child
Jessica Cox with little girl

Children’s Health

Health institutions are crucial partners in ensuring that children’s special needs are attended to in the best way possible. There a hundreds of facilities across the country and the world offering extraordinary services and facilities that provide customized care for children with disabilities.


International Disability Outreach & Advocacy

Recognition, inclusion and equality are basic human rights that are often deprived from person with disabilities (PWD). At the forefront of fighting for the rights and mainstreaming PWD issues are global non-profit organizations who have been championing the cause for decades and have been instrumental in shaping policies for PWD all over the world.

Playing piano with feet


According to statistics, there are 2 million people in the US who are without limbs and approximately 10 million all over the world. Limbs are lost for various reasons – from sickness to war or accidents or one is simply born without limbs. Life can be well lived even without arms and legs and there are organizations out there whose mission is to provide opportunities to amputees and an unconditional sense of family that becomes a source of hope and belongingness for many.

Jessica Cox Cycling


For years, adaptive sports have been providing a stage of inspiration for everyone in the world by showcasing unbelievable skills of athletes with disability. Through the different sports, athletes compete, proving that the strength of the human spirit can surpass the bounds of physical limitation. There are organizations out there that are specially dedicated to providing platforms for individuals who want to explore and pursue their athletic dreams.

Jessica Cox in Airplane


Operating an aircraft may not be for everyone but if you have a passion for it, nothing and no one should stop you from exploring the possibility. There are many organizations across the country that will help you chase that dream one step at a time. Get in touch with them and they will help you unleash potential you never thought you had.

Jessica Cox Portrait

Local Organization

Next to family, local organizations are an important source of support in providing an enabling and encouraging environment. It is good to check on institutions within your neighborhood as they can be instrumental in connecting you to a bigger network outside of home. Finding organizations that share your local values always provide a good foundation for enduring support.

Jessica Cox and friends in the snow

Travel for PWD

Traveling can be a nightmare for persons with disabilities especially if airlines have no appropriate procedure on how to handle travelers with special needs. Jessica sits on the Delta Disability Advisory Board which created a travel booklet that contains guidelines that conform with global standards and are particularly sensitive to the needs of persons with disabilities.