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Possible Thinking Results

Possible Thinking Results: Jessica Cox, Public Speaker & Personal Coach

The greatest challenge faced by every organization has always been dealing with change. Possible Thinking® provides a foundation and structure to create an environment that flexibly adapts to constant change, developed by public speaker Jessica Cox.

The Results


Jessica is the first person in history to fly an airplane solo with only her feet. Jessica’s airplane is an unmodified 1945 Ercoupe 415-C. She saw possibilities that fueled her determination; she kept herself open to finding solutions for the challenges that came with “learning to fly.” Her commitment to achieving at least one of those possibilities kept her on track and continually motivated.

Jessica Cox in flight gear Jessica Cox in airplane


Jessica holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt. In the spirit of diversity, she competed in traditional tournaments and became the 2014 Arizona State Champion.


“She shows what can be achieved in life when faced with its challenges.”

-Stefan Taylor

Jessica Cox Taekwondo Kick Jessica Cox Taekwondo

thrill seeker

Achieving something “impossible” once is a success, making that success into a habit is self fulfillment. Jessica continues to find new inspiration in pushing the limits, each time applying the tenants of Possible Thinking in dynamic new ways. Do you want to have Jessica tight rope walk without arms on stage as part of your event? Let the JCMS staff know when you book your event.

Jessica Cox on a tightrope Jessica Cox surfing

“You left us in awe, Jessica!


“It is rare that indelible impressions are left in such a short period of time.”

Diana Han, MD
GE Appliances

“Jessica far exceeded our expectations.”

Michelle Paul
Salt River Project

“It was a speech that I wanted to go on and on.”

Marissa Carvell
Inspire '17 UK

“Amazing. Do everything you can to join one of her audiences as soon as possible.”

Dave Calder

“She is so positive and she holds the audience spellbound with such an incredible story.”

John Donald
The Brandlaureate
Jessica Cox in Africa
Jessica Cox in Ghana
Jessica Cox in the Philippines
Jessica Cox in Washington
Washington DC
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