New Year, New You: How to Make Those Resolutions Stick this Year

New Year’s is coming up, which means New Year’s resolutions are coming up too. Lots of people make resolutions, and very few follow through with them for more than a couple months. Sometimes it just feels like the right time to make a change, but other times it takes a lot of effort to set the wheels in motion. If you know you need to make a change but are fighting the forces of habit in your mind, this article is for you.

Why Not Now?

A lot of people don’t realize that you don’t need to wait until New Year’s to start making changes to your life. The sooner you get started, the better: taking an extra couple weeks to indulge in the behavior you seek to change does absolutely nothing to help you start adapting your mindset and actions to fit your new chosen life path. If you want to make a change, don’t wait until New Year’s Day: start right now and give yourself a better chance of making the new habit stick!

Change One Thing, Change Everything

Some resolutions, like losing weight or quitting smoking, require several lifestyle changes to actually work. Let’s take quitting smoking: often, people are triggered to smoke by stressful situations or by certain physical cues. To remove smoking from your life (and keep it gone,) you’re going to have to analyze exactly what it is that makes you want to smoke in the first place. That knowledge will give you the most important kind of power a person can have: the power of self-mastery. That power is what keeps you from becoming a slave to your own impulses!

Ask For Help From Upstairs

When you’re struggling with something, take a moment to ask yourself “have I prayed about this yet?” We all know about the very real power of prayer, but sometimes we forget to take a moment to ask for help from above. It’s so easy to do, there’s no reason to not engage in prayer often. Prayer, along with positive affirmations and “brain training,” can go a long way in helping re-wire your thoughts and behaviors and make a profound and lasting change in your life.

My name is Jessica Cox, and I believe that self-mastery and adaptation is the key to living a fulfilled and healthy life. I was born without arms, but that has not stopped me from constantly seeking to improve myself as a person: and I have found peace and fulfillment in my life. If you’d like me to share my story and formula for a happy life with the attendees at your upcoming meeting, conference, or religious gathering, please contact me.