Miracles Really Happen: Three Amazing Real-Life Stories

We live in a cynical time, and it’s probably safe to say that most people don’t believe in miracles. However, miracles do happen: just ask the three people whose stories we’re writing about in this article! Whether they were medical miracles or physical miracles, it’s evident that sometimes things happen that we just can’t explain.

A Man Restores a Church and Defeats His Cancer

What would you do if you were diagnosed with inoperable cancer? A Minnesota man named Greg Thomas decided to dedicate his remaining time on earth to God, and what happened next is decidedly a miracle. Thomas’ diagnosis was so bad that his family was told to “start planning the funeral,” but Thomas never gave up hope. He often prayed at a run-down old country church, and although he was in rough shape, he decided to spend the rest of his time on earth restoring that church. Although he wasn’t able to work on the church too quickly due to his poor health, the more he worked, the better her got: until the church was restored and his cancer was gone!

A Woman’s Car Is Knocked Off a Bridge…But A Miracle Saves Her

A woman named Morgan Lake was once stopped at a toll plaza on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, only to watch in horror as a large tractor trailer sped toward her without giving any indication of stopping. It slammed into her car, sending her through the toll plaza and off the bridge and into the cold water below. As the car filled with water, Morgan found herself unable to escape, until she felt “a hand push her back against her seat” to relax her and allow her to unfasten her seat belt and escape from the car before it sunk!

She Fell 33,000 Feet…and Lived!

Vesna Vulovic was just another flight attendant who boarded a plane bound from Stockholm to Belgrade. Everything seemed normal until the plane suddenly exploded at 33,000 feet: the result of a terrorist attack. Everyone one the plane perished except for Vesna: and after it was all over, she held the world record for longest fall survived without a parachute. Although she had very serious injuries, she survived and is regarded as a national hero in the former Yugoslavia. Even more incredible is the fact that she wasn’t even supposed to be on that plane; the airline had gotten her confused with another Vesna! If you don’t think that’s a miracle I don’t know what to tell you!
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