Meet Some Differently-Abled People Making a Mark in Business

It’s already been proven that hiring a differently-abled person is not only the right thing to do but can also be highly profitable for businesses. There are numerous examples of professionals who are differently-abled that have made marks in a diverse array of industries. If you’re a person that’s differently-abled or have an interest in increasing awareness of all the amazing things differently-abled people are capable of doing, keep reading! You might just get inspired.

Kirk Keating

At age 25, Kirk Keating’s life was turned upside down by a motorcycle accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. A lot of people would use that as an excuse to not chase their dreams, but not Keating. Rather than curse his bad luck and start feeling sorry for himself, he adapted to his situation and made use of his other abilities, namely his head for business. The result was positive. After 20 years as an IT professional, he decided to start his own business. The result was GameTruck, a company that offers mobile video game stations for children’s parties.

Sharon Gardner

Sharon Gardner suffered a childhood tragedy that’s almost unimaginable: she was playing an angel in a school play when she accidentally dropped to the ground and became paralyzed. Gardner stresses “brutal honesty”, which then is used to determine strengths and focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do. She used this brutal honesty to found Healthy Life and Times, a Texas-based business specializing in health products. Once you honestly identify and harness your strengths, there’s no stopping you!

Kwang Chae Ko

Being born with congenital hearing loss can be quite an obstacle to overcome, especially when you want to make your mark in business. Kwang Chae Ko is the CEO of Witlife, which is a successful online business based in Korea that sells a variety of different products. Kwang Chae Ko states that he never let his hearing problems stop him from achieving the level of success he dreamed of, and it’s his positivity and dedication that makes him a success.

I’m Jessica Cox, and I never let being born without arms stop me from accomplishing the things I dreamed of accomplishing. Quite honestly, there’s no excuse that can stop you from doing the same! If you’d like me to share my story at your convention, business convention, or religious gathering, please contact me.