Jessica Cox, motivational catholic speakerEver since she got the chance to speak at Adventist Health, Jessica has found that speaking to medical professionals has proven to be one of the most fulfilling endeavors she can undertake. Seeing what Jessica has been able to accomplish without arms is enough to inspire anyone to awaken their inner potential and abilities.

Understandably, people put an incredible amount of faith in the words of medical professionals, and Jessica’s hope is that her story can inspire people in the medical profession to see what a person can do, as opposed to what they can’t. It’s for this reason that Jessica considers herself “differently-abled” as opposed to disabled or handicapped.

Jessica is a speaker that your attendees will never forget, and she feels comfortable addressing a remarkably diverse array of medical professionals. If you’re interested in having Jessica speak at your next medical convention or gathering, contact Jessica Cox at 520-505-1359 or use our online contact form to get in touch with her.