It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Lead Others!

Leadership: it’s a word that is spoken and referred to probably hundreds of times a day in offices all over the world. It’s important, everybody knows that. However, despite the importance of leadership, most people do not see themselves as the type of person who can lead others. It’s easy to understand why: when you think of “leadership,” it’s likely that the first thing you think of is someone heroically leading an army to victory, or something equally epic. However, real down-to-Earth leadership is more practical and dare I say, important!

Leadership In Words

The first step to being recognized as a leader in your career or personal life is to be diplomatic and solution-oriented at all times, and luckily, it’s also the easiest way. As anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows, it’s easy for negativity to spread when things aren’t going well. Instead of jumping onto the negative bandwagon, you can redirect conversations toward “bright sides”, more positive interpretations, or achievable outright solutions. This doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and ignoring problems, however, you should be solution-oriented in your speech and thoughts. Always be thinking of a way to solve any issue you discuss, otherwise, you might just sound like you’re whining. A positive, solution-oriented person will always be at the top of the list for any leadership positions, and for good reason.

Leadership In Action

Leadership is most effectively demonstrated through a person’s actions. It’s not just about barking orders, leadership goes far beyond that. A good leader can motivate his or her employees in ways that would be unimaginable to most, and make progress that many ineffective leaders would have called impossible.

The main takeaway is this: a person who is led by an effective and empathetic leader will follow them to the ends of the Earth, and will accept inconveniences and difficulties simply because they believe in the mission. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty!

I’m Jessica Cox, and being born without arms helped me understand the importance of being a leader among others as well as in my own life. No one was going to do it for me, so I needed to find a way to survive and thrive in a world full of difficulties. If you’re interested in having me inspire the attendees at your meeting, business convention, or religious gathering, please contact me.