How to Turn Obstacles Into Stepping Stones

When hardship strikes, there are typically two ways to handle it. One common method is to start thinking negatively, creating a cycle of negative thinking that can dig you into an even deeper hole. Another more positive way to deal with hardship is to immediately start thinking about how the obstacle can be turned on its side and used to your advantage. This article is all about ways that you can start changing your thinking about hardship and start finding silver linings everywhere you look.

Hardship Forms Your Character

If everything you knew from day one was easy and pleasant, you’d be totally unequipped to deal with hardship when the day finally did come. Hardship sharpens your abilities to be persistent, dedicated, and positive. Just like you can’t build a strong body without exercise, you can’t build a strong character without managing difficulties. Let’s say you’ve suffered through some tough times professionally. You can make yourself out to be a victim, or you could use those tough times to redefine yourself as a survivor, a person who can’t be stopped by anything that life throws at you.

Pain Can Be Motivating

It’s ok to hurt and be hurt by life’s obstacles and disappointments. However, defining your life by the pain you’ve experienced will only lead to more disappointment. Some of the most successful people in history have used disappointment and pain as motivation to succeed, and the only thing that’s stopping you from doing the same is a simple choice. Are you going to allow your disappointment and pain to define you, or will you use it as fuel to achieve something great?

Look For Advantages

Not everything is all good, and not everything is all bad. Ever hear the phrase “blessing in disguise?” Sometimes the disguise is a bad situation or lost opportunity. However, a simple change in your thinking can give you a new set of eyes that you can use to possibly spot opportunities in less than optimal situations.

My name is Jessica Cox, I took the biggest obstacle life handed me– which was being born without arms– and used it to drive myself to succeed in unexpected ways. If you’d like me to share my story and inspire the attendees at your business or religious gathering, please contact me here. Or if you are looking for someone to help you turn obstacles into stepping stones, I also provide one-on-one life coaching.