How to Transform Your Career By Transforming Your Thinking

If you’re stuck in an unfulfilling career or making less than you think you deserve, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of negative thinking. This article is all about helping you break these dangerous cycles of negativity that can keep you trapped in cycles of negative behavior, some of which can cause disastrous effects on your career. I’m warning you now: changing your thinking isn’t easy, and will take a lot of work on your part. But I promise you that it is worth it!

How Negative Thinking Affects Behavior

It’s well-established that negative thinking becomes a habit, and these habits can affect the way you live your life and interact with others. In fact, these habits can cost you potential jobs. Here’s an example: let’s say you take the wrong turn on the way to a job interview, and start beating yourself up for being stupid. Do you think that that cycle of negativity is going to stop when you walk into the room with the hiring manager? No way: chances are, they will pick up on your self-inflicted stress and negativity. Don’t put yourself in that situation; if you make a mistake, do not use it to justify perpetuating further negative thoughts about yourself.

How Behavior Affects Your Career

When you look at the world negatively, you tend to look at yourself negatively. And if you look at yourself negatively, chances are you’re not going to believe that you’re capable of doing great things. Self-doubt is a giant obstacle that can prevent you from achieving your goals, and begin the task of pushing back against it, you need to reprogram your thinking. First, ban over-generalizing in your own mind. Take each case one by one: this will take a lot of work but it will result in you being a more open and positive person once you start seeing people and situations as individuals. Next, realize that your own thoughts can mislead you, and analyze your patterns of thinking. This takes a lot of self-control and courage to do. Finally, you have to learn to leave mistakes in the past. Mistakes happen; we are all human. But making a mistake does not give you the right to beat up on yourself. You deserve better, so start breaking those cycles of negativity and bring a new level of confidence to the office that can transform your career!

My name is Jessica Cox, and the simple rules I’ve developed that help me achieve my goals are the same ones that you can use to achieve the impossible in your own life. If you’d like me to share my story and inspire the attendees at your business or religious gathering, please contact me here. I also offer life coaching to individuals looking to change their thinking and accelerate towards their goals.