How to Recognize Toxic Companies BEFORE You Start Working For One

Toxic work environment

If you’re job seeking, you’ve undoubtedly got a lot of things on your mind and a lot of stress to manage. Everyone’s situation is different, but one thing that we all can agree on is that it’s better to work for a company with a positive culture than a toxic fear-based one. One thing you might not be actively thinking about is the culture of the company you’ll end up working for, but in my opinion it’s one of the most important things you should be thinking about, because an unhappy work environment can be seriously bad for your health and happiness. This article is all about giving you some simple knowledge that can help you make sure that your next workplace a happy one.

How Are You Treated by HR?

Employment expert Liz Ryan states that “You’ll never be treated better by a company than you will during the hiring process.” If you are feeling disrespected during the hiring process, there’s no way it will get better after you’re hired. If your time isn’t being respected by the company, or even worse you’re actively feeling attacked or you sense a lot of fear from the people who interview you, run.

Ask The Right Questions

During the interview, you will always be given the opportunity to ask questions about the company. Instead of asking about vacation time or team lunches, why not ask about company culture? Your interviewer won’t always come out and say “this is a terrible place to work”, but if you’re paying attention, you will be able to sense whether or not a question about company culture and toxicity makes them uncomfortable or triggers a canned response. Culture matters, so make sure you ask about it.

Trust Your Gut

Needing a job can make you feel desperate. However, you’ve got to trust your instincts and not take a bad offer just because it’s there. If everyone you speak to from the company gives you the impression that things aren’t so positive in the office, you need to listen to the little voice that tells you it’s not the right situation! There’s no need to rush: you WILL find a role that fits your talent, so take your time: you deserve it.

My name is Jessica Cox, and being born without arms has taught me valuable lessons about resilience and hard work. Without those two things, a person will never achieve their full potential. If you’d like me to share my story with the attendees at your business or religious gathering, please contact me here.