How to Raise Children Motivated to Overcome Challenges

All parents want their kids to be successful and happy, but very few parents ask themselves the question “How will my child deal with adversity and life’s challenges?” Maybe this is why there are so few people who feel confident about their ability to overcome challenges. Determined people aren’t born: they’re made. Here’s three ways you can make determined children who will grow up to be determined adults:

Lead by Example

When it comes to parenting, nothing is more important than leading by example. Children do a lot of things, but more than anything else they are always watching how adults behave: especially you! No matter what you tell a child, their number one source for understanding how to behave in the world is their parents. How can you apply this? Simple: when hard times come along, display a good attitude and remind them that no problem is insurmountable. But whatever you do, definitely don’t sulk, whine, complain–or give up!

Teach them That Problems Are Actually Opportunities

There are two ways to look at the roadblocks that life throws our way. The first way is negative, and is the way most people cope with problems. This could range from complaining to giving up altogether. The other way is positive, and leads to a person seeing problems as opportunities to learn and to grow. Don’t look at problems like rocks that life throws at you out of spite. Instead, look at problems as chances to put your inner strength on full display. If you do that, your kids will see it and emulate it!

Always Stay Positive

This might be the hardest thing to do in the world sometimes, but staying positive in the face of overwhelming adversity is the key to success and a happy life in general. Life’s not hopeless, and there’s always a chance that things will change for the better: believe that, and you can overcome anything!

I’m Jessica Cox, and I was lucky enough to be raised by parents who raised me to see the positive in any hardship. If you’re in need of an inspirational speaker whose story can inspire you to see the positive in any situation and truly change your life, call me at 520-505-1359 or contact me on my website.