How to Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody

Have you ever heard the quote that goes: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody?” Being a person who has the ability to make others feel good is a powerful weapon that not only has a positive effect on others but can lead you to greater success and happiness than you could possibly imagine.

Be Positive

Nobody wants to be around a negative or judgemental person, and so it follows that positive and encouraging people tend to attract a lot of attention for good reasons. It’s simple: people like people that make them feel good, and when you’re a positive person, you make others feel better. In addition, your positivity can encourage others to take chances and try new things that could improve their lives dramatically. Naysayers are common, but they rarely encourage others to be great!

Be Present

Another important tip that all highly charismatic and influential people follow is to be present when spending time with someone. This means paying close attention when they are speaking, reading their body language, and engaging them accordingly. A way to demonstrate this is by asking questions about the things a person says to you. Most importantly, it means that you’re fully engaged. If you’re looking at your phone or your watch or daydreaming while someone is talking to you, that person will notice it and feel that you’re not taking them seriously.

Deliver on Your Promises

Nobody likes a person that over-promises and under-delivers, and often these two things come out of desperation. Part of being a person that gains favor from others is learning when to keep your mouth closed and learning to control your emotions. Avoid promising things you aren’t 100% sure you can deliver on; it’s better to deliver on one big thing and fail on none than to fail five times and deliver on two.

I’m Jessica Cox, and one of the secrets to being a successful and fulfilled person is positivity. Despite being born without arms, I never let myself dwell on the things I couldn’t do, and instead focused on the things I could. These days I’m a life coach for people looking to improve the life goals and achieve their dreams. If you’d like me to share my story at your convention, business convention, or religious gathering, please contact me.