How to Help Your Kids Remember the Real Reason for the Season

It’s the holidays, which means Christmas music on the radio, a frosty chill in the air, and the look of ravenous glee on the faces of your present-hungry children. Although it can be adorable to see the joy the perfect present can bring on Christmas morning, it isn’t the reason for the season (and you definitely don’t want your kids to think it is!)

Don’t Obsess about Presents

Using presents as an incentive for your kids to behave themselves works well in the short term, but in the long term can encourage your children to think the entire holiday season is about presents. It can be tempted to use a “carrot on a stick” method of parenting, but it really doesn’t lead to long-term success. Instead, make sure your kids understand that presents are intended to be a symbol of love and should not be considered the “point” of Christmas.

Walk the “Giving, Not Receiving” Walk

Everybody knows the phrase “it’s better to give than receive”, but without actually seeing it action it’s nothing but a cliche. How can you make this beautiful concept come to life for your children? Simple: volunteer your time as a family to causes that embody the spirit of Christmas. Websites like Network for Good and Feeding America can help you find the perfect volunteer activity that can not only strengthen your community, but help teach your kids the all-important joy of giving back.

Know and Celebrate Jesus’ Story

It’s far too easy to take important things for granted even when they’re as important as the story of Jesus. Like I’ve said before, when it comes to helping your children understand the importance of certain things, it all starts with your attitude and enthusiasm and Jesus’ story is no different. Make it personal: let them know that Jesus did what he did because he loved them personally. Let the love of Christ show through you and keep your enthusiasm high: how can your kids understand the life-saving joy of the birth of Jesus if you aren’t living that joy every single day?

My name is Jessica Cox, and I find my greatest joy by helping others unlock their ability to overcome life’s obstacles. I try to live the “reason for the season” all year long, and with God’s help I’m getting better at it every day. If you’re interested in letting me tell my story at your convention, meeting, or faith-based gathering, please call me at 520-505-1359 or contact me on my website.