How to Find the Fulfillment You’re Looking For

Have you discovered the fulfillment that comes from working one on one with somebody and helping them through their challenges? People don’t always recognize the personal fulfillment of helping others. I will never forget the time I saw a breakthrough in someone I was coaching. It was enlightening to see the other person empowered. It is such a rewarding endeavor to help someone reach a goal for themselves. 

There is a transformative shift that happens when you take focus away from yourself and direct your energies towards helping others. Suddenly, your journey becomes infused with purpose and meaning. 

Here are some ways that you can find personal fulfillment from empowering others: 

Find opportunities to provide mentorship 

On your life journey, there will always be people who could benefit from the wisdom you have gained from past experiences. It does not have to be a professional or continuous mentoring relationship. Sometimes, a single casual encounter is all it takes. Does your neighbor need gardening advice, and you happen to have a green thumb? Is there someone young and new at your workplace who needs to learn the ropes from someone who has been in the office longer? Always be on the lookout for chances to give others some helpful guidance. 

Be present 

Look around at the people you interact with daily. When you are around someone, really being there for them is a beautiful, empowering gift. Keep distractions like your cellphone or other gadgets away when you’re having a conversation with someone. Listening to someone without interrupting them lets them know that you consider what they have to say as something important. Being truly present to people communicates to them that you value them. 

Encourage others

Genuine encouragement has the power to uplift people, so always look for the good in others, and don’t be shy to let them know about it. When you lead others to see themselves in a positive light, you enhance their self-worth and self-respect. This is changing the world one person at a time!