How Spiritual Health Affects Your Physical Health

The peace that comes from maintaining a relationship with God brings numerous benefits to a person’s attitudes and daily habits. But did you know that being spiritually healthy can actually make your body healthier too? It’s true. From the stress-reducing effects of prayer to the depression-busting power of fellowship, spiritual health does wonders for a person’s physical wellness.

Prayer’s Effect on the Body

There have been numerous studies that have reinforced what Christians already know: prayer is powerful, and generally improves your quality of life. Despite the widely understood psychological results of regular prayer, prayer can also reduce or eliminate the physiological effects of stress. Stress is a major cause of a lot of physical problems, so this effect can not be understated. I can’t stress enough the importance of prayer, so do it regularly!

Religious Fellowship and Depression

Depression is a common condition that leads many down unhealthy paths, including self-harm and substance abuse. However, religious fellowship has been shown to help people who suffer from depression because it eliminates isolation, which is a major cause of many mood disorders. The same effect can be gained by joining a yoga club or by volunteering with an organization that helps others.

Spirituality and Your Immune System

Being a spiritually awake individual has the ability to prevent spiritual illness as well as physical illness. Studies have shown that prayer and meditation have the ability to bolster your immune system, meaning fewer days laid up in bed with the flu and more days out living your life. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you have a daily prayer ritual of some sort, and even a simple walk in nature can trigger this positive effect.

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