Have Faith, Improve Your Whole Life!

We’ve already discussed the powerful effects that prayer can have on your health and well-being. However, have you ever considered the life-changing effects that strong faith can have too? Faith in God is something that billions of people including myself rely on to navigate life’s challenges, but the benefits of having a strong faith can affect your life in ways you might not have considered before!

Have Faith In God, Have Happiness

Have you ever noticed that people who have a strong faith in God tend to be happier, friendlier people? You’re not alone: lots of articles have been written about the link between faith and happiness, most centering on the fact that having a strong faith reduces the amount of stress in your life and in turn, makes you a happier person. Additionally, having a strong faith has been shown to improve mental health and ease the symptoms of depression. The studies that were done to discover a link between faith and mental health showed that it didn’t matter what religion the person practiced, either: the positive effects were still the same across the board.

Faith Inspires You To Trust People

When you’re willing to put the overall plan for your life into God’s hands, you’ll find that the day-to-day interactions you have with people may seem a bit…easier. The reason is pretty simple: when you have faith in God, the little inconveniences of life stop mattering so much and therefore stop increasing your stress and irritation. Also, when you genuinely believe that God has a positive plan for your life, you’ll find that you are a bit more trusting of others and generally kinder. After all, God tells us to show kindness to others, and not assume the worst about people we meet: you never know what kind of struggle that person is fighting!

I’m Jessica Cox, and my faith in God is a continual stabilizing force in my life that has helped me overcome numerous life challenges. I literally don’t know where I’d be without it! If you’d like me to come to inspire the attendees at your conference or religious gathering, please contact me at requests@rightfooted.com.