Getting Rid of Life’s Baggage

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Traveling Light 

As an international motivational speaker, I frequently travel to speaking engagements. There are months when my schedule would get so hectic that I would be living out of a suitcase. Because of this, I have learned how to travel light. I made trips when I only had my medium-sized carryon backpack with me. By traveling only with the essentials, I wasn’t bogged down with excessive baggage. I was able to focus on the purpose of my trip without worrying about lost luggage or stuff getting left behind. 

The same is true for life—we need to travel light! In the course of our life, we often collect baggage that stays with us for a long time. It could be past rejections, broken relationships, or failed endeavors. These are hurts, grudges, fears—mental and psychological blocks that hold us back from moving forward in the direction of our dreams. 

Being born different, I struggled early on with the pressure of conforming. I wore my prosthetic arms for years as a child, not because I found them particularly useful but because I was expected to wear them. I thought I needed to wear them because that is what other people who had limb differences did. 

I remember very clearly the day I decided to do what I knew deep down was best for me. One school day, when I was 14 years old, I left my prosthetic arms at home and walked to the school bus feeling more like myself than I ever have. I have never worn them ever since. 

What is weighing you down in life? What unnecessary baggage do you carry on your journey to your goals? I share some advice on how to deal with it—

Dig deep 

It is likely that you have been carrying your excess baggage your entire life that you don’t even know you have it. And yet you feel its weight and become unable to take another step. 

Pause and take the time to examine your emotions and the underlying motivations for your actions in life. Are you pursuing your own dreams or the dreams other people have for you? Do you work too hard to prove yourself worthy of other people’s praise? Do you still feel like that shy girl rejected by the popular kids in school? 

When you exercise introspection, you gain an understanding of yourself and what truly matters to you. 

Accept the past and move on 

After you have a better understanding of yourself, you should find yourself in a place of greater self-acceptance. Every experience in life teaches you a lesson. Be thankful for whatever it was in your past that led you to where you are now and then move on.  

Take action

Be ready to take the necessary action to set yourself free. Do you need to change your life radically to live more authentically? Do you need to work on new habits that reflect your ideal life more clearly? Revel in your newfound freedom as you live your life with a clearer purpose. 

Find support 

Finally, seek the help you need. The kindest thing you can do for yourself is to recognize that you cannot do it alone. We all have blind spots, and there are things about us that we do not see until someone else points it out to us. Look for a therapist. Talk to a friend. Find a life coach. (You can try a life coaching session with me by checking out 

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