Flight of Hope

Jessica Cox to fly in Washington DC to celebrate the American’s with Disabilities Act and inspire hope for the nation.

Jessica Cox wearing her aviation headset sitting in the cockpit of an Ercoupe Airplane


With the present challenges seeming to come from every front, it’s time to create a beacon of hope. We’ve overcome challenges as a nation before, and we can do it again.

Jessica Cox is the first licensed armless pilot in aviation history. She earned her Sports Pilot License in 2008. Now, she and her team will take her story and her airplane 26R (“two-six-Romeo”) to Washington DC! Retired Senator Tom Harkin will fly with Jessica around the Fredrick, MD area and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Senator Harkin (who is also a pilot) introduced the ADA on the Senate floor in sign language and was instrumental in its passage. The ADA was a landmark piece of legislation that protects people with disabilities from discrimination. It was signed into law by President George Bush on July 26, 1990.

The event is meant to bring renewed attention to the incredible, ongoing impact of the ADA, to call attention to the lack of US support for the ADA’s international counterpart (CRPD), and to lift spirits at a time when the country is steeped in challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the social unrest brought about the country’s historic racial divisions.

Jessica can’t do this flight alone. Consider becoming a sponsor through her 501(c)(3) nonprofit Rightfooted Foundation International, support this positive message across the country, and receive some thank you’s for your help. You can help sponsor an hour of the ferry flight, an entire leg, or become her flagship Name Sponsor.

Any amount helps!

Special thanks to our sponsors!

Tucson Aeroservice Center, Maintenance Shop
King County International Airport
King County International Airport Employees
Marana Flight Schools
And our many awesome volunteers!!!

Hour Sponsor – $1,000

  • In essence, sponsor one hour of the 18-hour flight from Tucson to DC and the return flight
  • Receive Jessica’s heartfelt gratitude with a thank you package after the flight is complete
  • Jessica will thank you or your company on Jessica’s social media profiles

Leg Sponsor – $3,000

  • In essence, sponsor one entire segment of the ferry flight from take-off to landing
  • Jessica will thank you or your company on Jessica’s social media profiles
  • You or your company will have an approx. 4-inch by 6-inch graphic on both sides of 26R’s fuselage and on the ground crew vehicle during events (4 decals in total)
  • Eleven Leg Sponsor positions are available

Name Sponsor – $18,000

  • You or your company will be the title sponsor (e.g., The “Your Co Flight of Hope”)
  • 26R and the ground crew vehicle will proudly display your logo on large decals during events (4 decals in total)
  • Your company will have access to the raw video/audio recorded from 26R during the ferry flight and Jessica’s practice flights around DC*
  • Jessica will thank you or your company during every press opportunity on the tour
  • Only one Name Sponsor position available (please contact rightfootedfoundation@gmail.com before making an online donation for the Name Sponsor position)

Tour Outline

Starting in Tucson, AZ Jessica and her crew will ferry 26R to College Park, MD. An RV with Jessica and an additional volunteer will follow 26R as it crosses the US.*

Once in DC, Jessica will get accustomed to the airspace around Frederick, MD before taking a short, select list of VIPs on brief flights. 26R has been equipped with temporary cameras to capture events as they unfold. This footage will entice local and national press to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the ADA on July 26.

On July 25, Jessica will fly 26R, which is a 1946 Ercoupe 415-C airplane, to College Park, MD. Together with the local museum, Jessica will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Ercoupe design. The unique control characteristics of the Ercoupe enable Jessica to fly without further modifications.

Additional activities in DC may be arranged based on interest.

Jessica and her team will then ferry 26R back to Tucson. They intend to pay homage to the Wright brothers with a stop at First Flight (FFA) and other aviation landmarks.


COVID Response

The threat of COVID-19 presents a serious concern. Jessica and her team will be using the RV chase vehicle to quarantine. The RV team will test for COVID-19 with additional tests as necessary. During events, social distancing measures will be implemented along with the use of masks and other safety measures.


*Weather and Possible Delays

Every effort will be made to ensure 26R makes it to DC on time. However, the possibility of mechanical or weather delays is always present.


How to Donate

Donations are eligible for a tax deduction. Speak with your tax advisor for complete details.

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Please contact us at rightfootedfoundation@gmail.com to ensure the correct credit for your donation.