First, Focus: How To Silence The World’s Distractions

Do you have trouble focusing on your goals? If so, I’m willing to bet that a big part of the reason why is due to distractions from the outside world throwing off your concentration. There have always been distractions in human societies, but when you figure in the 24/7 interconnectedness of modern technology, there’s no escaping the noise of the outside world. Sometimes, this noise can keep you from achieving the goals that will improve your life and carry you to new heights. Let’s drown out the noise and explore ways that you can regain your focus.

What’s Important?

When it comes to distractions, a big part of the problem stems from us not being able to discern between important and unimportant information. We’re constantly bombarded by both, especially on social media. My advice? Take some time to unplug every so often. Take a camping trip and leave your laptop at home. By the end of your trip, you’ll have a renewed sense of clarity and will likely feel healthier too. Sometimes, disconnecting helps you realize what’s really important.

Counter Distractions With Visualization Exercises

The most obvious example of distractions or “noise” throwing off your ability to focus is apparent at night when you’re trying to sleep. For no reason, your mind can start maniacally churning thoughts to the surface, and sleep can prove fleeting if you get any at all. Luckily, visualization can help you through it. There’s a great example of this that comes from a concert violinist who, when stuck in bed unable to sleep due to distractions and stress, decided to visualize playing every note of Canon in D Major every night, over and over. Although she wasn’t physically playing the violin, the “mental reps” she got in during sleepless nights not only countered her insomnia, they really improved her playing. Visualization really works! This concept takes a healthy amount of discipline for it to work, but I promise you that if you put in the work, you will see serious results.

I’m Jessica Cox, and I know a thing or two about overcoming difficulties and achieving the impossible. If you’d like me to share my inspirational story with the attendees at your meeting, convention, or religious gathering, contact me.