Jessica’s Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions asked of Jessica that relate to her speaking career.  For more informal questions please visit Facebook or other social media sites.

Are there bulk order discounts for books/posters? +

Yes! Speak with a staff member for bulk order discounts at or +1 (520) 505-1359.

Why is there only one shipping option in the Store? +

As a small business USPS Priority Mail gives us a consistent and predictable shipping option.


Benefits of Priority Mail include flat shipping fees, insurance and fast delivery.

How do I find sponsorships so I can host Jessica? +

Jessica has been hosted many times by non-profits, schools and churches that have approached businesses and leaders in their community to help bring Jessica to their town. If your organization needs help promoting Jessica, JCMS can provide images and documents to fill your advertising needs.

When should I expect to pay the honorarium in full? +

The honorarium, minus all deposits, must be paid in full by midnight after the last contracted speech by Jessica.  Late payments will receive a 10% late fee on the total honorarium.

What forms of payment does JCMS accept? +

JCMS accepts checks, credit cards, cash and wire transfers.

How many presentations is Jessica willing to perform? +

Jessica can provide the best service to her clients by limiting herself to no more than 3 presentations per day. An additional honorarium is associated with an additional presentation, however there are discounts for multi-speach tours.

Why is a deposit necessary? +

When the client provides a deposit, JCMS locks down the client’s preferred dates and those dates become unavailable to anyone else. Once paid, the deposit is credited toward Jessica’s full honorarium.

Because most events are booked well in advance, the deposit ensures that both you and Jessica are committed to your event.

What if my company or Jessica have to cancel after the deposit is paid? +

Once the dates are locked in, Jessica is committed to the client’s event. If an emergency forces her to cancel her appearance, JCMS will refund your organization’s deposit within 60 days. If your organization is forced to cancel, JCMS will not be able to refund the deposit due to having lost business when blocking out the reserved dates; turning down potential clients.

How do I reserve Jessica Cox for my next event? +

Step 1: Send the JCMS team an email that includes the date of your event.
Step 2: Send payment for the holding fee to lock in the dates. This deposit is usually 50% or more of the total fee.
Step 3: If the dates are still available and JCMS has received the holding fee, JCMS will lock in the dates for your organization.
Step 4: The JCMS team will send you a Bio Packet that includes biographical information about Jessica as well as a suggested speech introduction and media materials for promotion.

When is Jessica available and how much will it cost? +

To check availability and pricing, please contact the JCMS team.

Will Jessica speak to my group? +

Jessica has spoken to big businesses, small businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, martial arts schools and public events.  Contact the JCMS team for availability and pricing.

What makes Jessica’s presentation unique? +

Jessica was born without arms. Jessica’s situation at birth might be one reason Jessica is unique, but it is not the reason her presentations stand out. Her presentation not only chronicles how she transformed a perceived disadvantage into a Guinness World Record but also guides the audience to transform their own perceived disadvantages.

What is Jessica Cox Motivational Services? +

Jessica Cox Motivational Services (JCMS) is a small business created by Jessica to manage her speaking career.  Although the team members may change from time to time, JCMS is committed to providing a professional and high quality experience.  If you have any feedback, please contact the team.

Who are some of Jessica’s previous clients? +

Jessica has spoken to such respected organizations as the AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association), State Farm Insurance, the American Military, Boeing Business Jets and many more.

In 2012 Jessica was invited to speak by Mahindra Satyam for a breakfast session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

What is Jessica’s presentation style? +

The best way to understand Jessica’s presentation style is by watching her past presentations. These videos convey a small portion of her warmth, humor and why what Jessica brings to her clients aren’t speeches but presentations. They are physical, interactive and uplifting.

What are some of Jessica’s accomplishments? +

She holds the Guinness World Record for being the first person without arms to become a certified pilot. She has earned two Black Belts in Taekwondo. She is the first documented person without arms to scuba dive and like Bethany Hamilton, she would not let missing arms keep her from surfing. She has a driver’s license and enjoys snow boarding.  Currently, Jessica is an international motivational speaker, who has traveled to 20 countries on six continents to help audiences overcome their greatest adversities. To see Jessica’s triumphs, please visit her media page.

What should I expect from a motivational speaker? +

Top motivational speakers inspire the audience to take steps toward improving themselves and everything around them. A great motivational speaker should demonstrate fearless authenticity and humor, portraying a unique vision and confidence using their craft. Finally, the speaker should be prompt, prepared and practiced.

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