Extreme Perseverance: Three Amazing Survival Stories

The will to survive is an endlessly fascinating topic, and dozens of movies, books, and TV shows have been created to satisfy our endless curiosity about human survival. Although people enjoy reading about amazing survival stories, nothing can ever quite prepare someone to actually be living in one! Here are three amazing examples of people who overcame incredible obstacles to survive in the most trying of circumstances.

16 Year-Old Girl Survives Plane Crash, then Hikes Through the Woods to Safety

A plane ride with your grandparents shoulds like it should be the most innocent and carefree experience, not the most terrifying. However, Autumn Veatch found herself in a desperate situation when the plane went down, killing her grandparents and leaving her alone and injured in the Washington wilderness. However, she didn’t give up; she hiked for days through the remote wilderness until she was able to find the freeway and wave down a passing motorist.

Ernest Shackleton: Antarctic Adventurer Who Redefined What’s Possible

Exploring Antarctica in any time period is a courageous choice, and there are very few people who have the skill to do it. While exploring the frigid continent, Ernest Shackleton and his crew discovered in horror that their ship had gotten stuck in the ice. For 22 months, the crew survived in one of the most inhospitable places on planet Earth: after their ship sank, they launched open boats to cross over 720 miles of stormy, freezing ocean to safety. It was another 40 years before anyone else even attempted to do this!

Norwegian Commando Escapes From the Nazis

The story of Jan Baalsrud’s life reads like a James Bond movie. While preparing to blow up a Nazi air control tower in Bardufoss, Norway, Germans surprised Baalsrud and his team of commandos, sinking their tiny boat and leaving them stranded in the Arctic Ocean. He evaded capture for over 2 months in the frozen Norwegian wilderness, having to amputate his frostbitten toes in the process. Incredibly, with the help of the native Sami people and a sled pulled by Reindeer, Baalsrud made it out of Norway, across Finland, and into Sweden and safety, and was reunited with his family in 1945.

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