Exploring the Fundamentals of Possible Thinking

Jessica Cox on rocks

As a longtime motivational speaker, I have heard many inspiring stories about overcoming adversity and playing to one’s individual strengths. Personally, I have faced nearly impossible odds from birth. But from an early age, I had to believe that anything was possible. And it’s that belief that drives those amazing stories of others who have beaten the odds to achieve their dreams. Though there may be huge challenges and obstacles to face, anything is possible—that is the seed of Possible Thinking. Here’s a closer look at the fundamentals of this mindset that has guided me through every accomplishment in my life, big or small.

Play the hand you’ve been dealt

To embrace Positive Thinking, you must first accept the reality of adversity. There will always be hardships that can potentially become our downfalls, but we must power through and accept the circumstances as they are. You cannot eliminate the adversity itself, but you can find strategies to manage and overcome it.

Stop making excuses

When you make excuses to stop yourself from achieving, you are essentially saying no to yourself. Let’s face it, no one will hold you as accountable to your goals as you will. So, you must move on from self-sabotaging excuses and commit to your dreams. By extension, you will become the type of person who inspires others to live out their dreams and stick to their goals as well.

Tap into your positive qualities

Every single person has the qualities of willpower, determination, and courage. However, many people do not let these hidden assets surface. By telling yourself to stay the course, stick with it, and commit, you will tap these qualities and be that much more successful for it.

My name is Jessica Cox and being born without arms forced me to manage adversity from a very young age. This led me to develop the concept of Possible Thinking, which I share with audiences around the world. If you want me to share my story and inspire attendees at your next convention or gathering, contact me today.