Creative Lesson-Planning Tips For Homeschooling Parents

As all homeschooling parents know, homeschooling has numerous benefits. However, coming up with creative and effective ideas to bolster your curriculum is a definite challenge. Nobody wants their kids to be bored or disengaged in class, but since you have the ability to control their lessons, they don’t have to be. Here are some creative lesson-planning tips that will really make that information stick in your child’s mind and prepare them for living a successful and less stressful life.

Turning a Curriculum into Lesson Plans

As you may know, just because you have purchased a curriculum doesn’t mean you know what to teach from day today. The first step is to get a planner and use it as your informational home base. Teachers have grade books and planners for a very good reason. If you don’t keep track of what subjects you’ve already made lessons for, you run the risk of getting in trouble from an organizational standpoint. Second, try organizing lesson plans one subject at a time. This is another way to help you stay organized, and will help you make educational connections between lessons better than if you jump from subject to subject.

Include Life Skills Training

There are so many things that I didn’t learn in high school that I wish I had. Algebra is great, but when your child is staring at a flat tire with no clue how to fix it, they’ll wish that they had learned some life skills. This is one place where you can simply draw upon your life experience and help your child avoid some of the difficulties you may have faced when setting out on your own. This could run the gamut from money management, cooking, sewing, or even job interview and resume preparation. The more useful things you teach them, the more they will appreciate you later on and the less stressful their life will be, I guarantee it!

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