famous-friendWorld-renowned speaker Jessica Cox is a Christian, and draws much of the motivation and inspiration that she has used to overcome life’s challenges from her faith. Although getting the chance to meet Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 was an incredible experience, she draws the same type of inspiration every time she gets the chance to address her fellow believers. Being born without arms could have easily made Jessica bitter or angry at God, but her decision to instead utilize her perceived “disadvantage” as a God-given advantage is what gives her the power to change the world.

Jessica’s rare ability to view her situation as a God-given opportunity to inspire the world makes her a memorable choice for any faith-based gathering.  If you or your organization are searching for a motivational speaker who can truly edify and inspire with a powerful personal testimony, look no further than Jessica Cox. Call her at 520-505-1359 or use her online contact form to bring Jessica’s powerful message into your next religious gathering.