Chicken Soup For the Sole: Stephen Hawking

This month’s Chicken Soup for the Sole will explore the life and achievements of Stephen Hawking. Although you’ve likely heard of him due to him being one of the most famous physicists to ever live, there’s a pretty incredible story behind his life and achievements. It’s common knowledge that he’s explored the limits of time and space from the confines of a wheelchair for most of his adult life, but the obstacles he’s overcome may still surprise you!

A Supremely Gifting Young Man Gets Some Supremely Bad News

Stephen Hawking came from an intellectual family, so it’s wasn’t too surprising that at the age of 17 he went to Oxford University to study physics. What was surprising though, was his shocking diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (or, ALS) at the age of 21. As he was slowly robbed of his ability to communicate and walk, he fell into a deep depression that made him re-think whether or not continued academic study was even meaningful; after all, doctors only gave him a life expectancy of two years. However, as he came to discover that the disease was progressing rather slowly, he refocused his efforts and eventually graduated with a pHd in Physics. From there, he reached the pinnacle of the academic world.

Hawking Overcame Obstacle After Obstacle

ALS is not a kind disease, so Stephen Hawking has had to endure one difficult circumstance after another. Being a professor of physics is hard enough when you can’t walk, but when Hawking completely lost his ability to speak after a severe episode of pneumonia, there was serious concern that the brilliant physicist could completely lose his ability to share his knowledge. The solution came from a computer program, the synthesized voice of which is the voice most people think of when they think of Stephen Hawking.  Although he can only move one cheek muscle, Hawking continues to further his studies and has influenced countless thousands through his accessible and incredible scientific discoveries and works.

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