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Possible Thinking

About Possible Thinking: Jessica Cox, Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach

Before you can achieve anything, you must first believe it IS possible. You must somehow convince your mind and your body that what you perceive as impossible can actually BE achieved. Challenging? Yes – but not impossible.

Jessica faced impossibilities from an early age-leading her to develop Possible Thinking®. Possible Thinking is a process that allows us to believe the impossible is possible and to creatively ask ourselves HOW we can achieve what seems impossible at first. Possible Thinking converts obstacles to achievements using Jessica’s Achieve Model™.

Since 2005, Jessica has been challenging people to achieve their impossible dreams. She’s worked as an inspirational speaker with companies like Boeing, State Farm, Proctor & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. She-in her inimitable way-demonstrates the key skills needed to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Jessica Cox on a tightrop
The Achieve Model of Possible Thinking™
  • Adversity Management
  • Commitment
  • Hidden Assets
  • Inspiration
  • Empowering Diversity
  • Values
  • Empathy

Adversity Management

Let’s be honest, everybody’s life has its own ration of adversity. None of us escapes the human experience without our share of challenges to overcome. It’s not the adversity that’s important. It’s our approach to managing adversity that determines the life we ultimately have. Jessica teaches how to develop innovation, creativity, and determination to fearlessly address our challenges. The challenge of getting shoes tied and on her feet led to her outside the box thinking.

Jessica Cox tying a shoe


We all have times in our lives when fear and excuses overpower us and get in our way. Excuses can be so easy to use and “get away with”. We seldom have anyone who holds us accountable to our dreams. What works to defeat fear and excuses then? Commitment does. Commitment clears a path to achieving the impossible. You need to develop the level of commitment where—when you commit to a goal—you can’t back out, you won’t back out.

Jessica Cox in airplane

Hidden Assets

We all have hidden assets of Determination, Courage, and Willpower. They are there under the surface all along. To achieve the impossible, we need to uncover those assets and apply them to our impossible goals. Determination is an unshakeable persistence that doesn’t give up ever for any reason—far beyond the expectations of others. Courage is the ability to rise above fears to snatch the impossible into possibility. Willpower is an unwavering yet flexible application of our own will to a problem. It’s flexibility that adds steel to the will.

Jessica Cox driving go kart


Jessica’s stories transform adversity into inspiration for her audience. Her attitude, her approach entertains while also nudging people to examine and drop their own self-imposed limitations. Jessica challenges her audiences to make a shift from an inward focus to the big picture of possibility. Her monumental journey of learning to fly crystalizes her ideas of “achieving the impossible.” Inspiration alone—without motivation to action—is a failure. Inspiration must also provoke action. It’s action that transforms your situation.

Jessica Cox working out

Empowering Diversity

As workforce demographics change, diversity and inclusion become increasingly important in corporate environments. By necessity, Jessica has been a pioneer in moving the needle on corporate diversity issues. She believes that diversity begins with empowering diversity of thought. Understanding different viewpoints changes your thinking which changes attitudes and behaviors. She gracefully becomes a force for diversity simply by her presence and energy.

Jessica Cox culture


There are three values at the core of every successful company. Leadership, collaboration, and communication significantly contribute to bottom line results. They also require conscious effort and daily choice by every member of the workforce. The best leadership empowers engagement which moves the team in flowing unison. True collaboration amplifies the value of each person’s contributions. The better the organization moves the needle on excellent communication, the more intensely momentum focuses on corporate goals.

Jessica Cox in business attire


Many companies have high pressure corporate environments. High pressure tends to create tensions and divisions in the workplace. That friction negatively impacts any possibility of developing the magic of synergy. Jessica’s approach is to encourage appreciation of commonality to create a culture where the workforce becomes a unified whole. That teamwork reset focuses everyone on achieving common goals. It’s a major energetic shift.

Jessica Cox with kids with disabilities

The Possible Thinkers

Jessica Cox in piloting gear

Jessica Cox

Lachie Smart portrait

Lachie Smart

Unstoppable Tracy portrait

Unstoppable Tracy

Andy Latherow portrait

Andy Latherow

Jessica Cox

Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Jessica believes in a future where people passionately pursue their dreams with the resilience to overcome any challenge. Described as a motivational speaker “no one will ever forget,” Jessica shows audiences around the globe how to inspire enthusiasm and empower diversity. With the goal of showing people how to go home from work every day feeling excited for tomorrow, she teaches how to tackle new challenges with commitment and resilience.

Lachie Smart

Speaker & World Record Pilot

At just 18 years of age, Lachie became the youngest person to fly solo around the world, in a single engine aircraft. Lachie set out to prove to other young people the power of hard work and persistence.

It is now Lachie’s mission to help organizations objectively examine and redefine their relationship with the millennial generation; ultimately leading to improved communication, marketing and sales campaigns.

Unstoppable Tracy

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Decorated Athelete
Tracy is UNSTOPPABLE – and not just because she was cameoed in the movie Robo Cop.

Unstoppable Tracy, TV Show Host and #1 International Mega Success TedX Speaker based out of Toronto spoke in 26 countries and has shared the stage with Jane Fonda, Mark Wahlberg and dozens more A listers! Her upcoming stages include Julia Roberts and Michael Douglas. Her mind blowing story always gets standing ovations.

Andy Latherow

Leadership Speaker & Personal Development Trainer

Andy Latherow is a small business owner of M.Y. Martial Arts-Marana as well as a Licensed Fiduciary and Senior Case Manager for Sterling Case Management and Fiduciaries of Arizona. In this role as a business owner, Andy leads a team providing all aspects of sales, marketing, and instructional curriculum, including traditional martial arts, leadership training, and advanced teaching methodologies. At Sterling Case Management, Andy is the Sr. Case Manager for a team of Fiduciaries that specialize in meeting the unique needs of the elderly and those with special needs by providing protection, advocacy, and accountability.

A big believer in the unlimited potential of people, Andy supports the individual journey and adaptive application of life skills that lead us to our destiny.