Nestor Torre

“Jessica’s example humbled us so much that after viewing her triumphant life story, we vowed never to complain about anything ever again!”

David Peterson

“Thank you and thanks to Patrick as well for an incredible event!”

Ron Hernandez

“Greatest motivate speaker I’ve seen in over 10 Years!”

Nick Mozer

It was interesting to hear that she doesn’t see herself as a victim, rather she uses her condition as a way to empower herself and challenge others.

Nick Mozer

Jessica had a great message and drove home the point that attitude makes a big difference.

Pam Yurczyk

“Seeing how Jessica has done so much really makes me think again about some of the things I may have not done because they were scary or difficult. Very inspirational and I will get out there and learn something new because of it.”

Paul Dilcher

“A story of inspiration through persistence, faith and grace.”

Jeff Dunn


Bing Li

“Amazing, inspirational, motivational”

Jennifer Gonzales

“Besides being very inspiring, I was very impressed by the level of determination Jessica has, the ability to think outside the “shoe” and the love of life and all it has to offer.”